fsckvps 事件簿

關於這兩天 F2Cont 和 phptw 連不上的原因 ,是出在 f2cont.com 的DNS server 掛點了…
F2cont.com 的DNS server 是我自己在 亞特蘭大的 VPS server ,廠商為 FsckVPS\"\"/
這兩天 在全球hosting 發生了一件重大的事情,
就是 VPS sever 被hacked ,造成重大 災情產生,
根據 FsckVPS 發給我的Email 內容:
At approx 10pm GMT last night a hacker gained access to our HyperVM install via what we believe was an unpatched exploit even though our HyperVM install was totally up to date. As part of this the hacker deleted b//ot on all of our VPS nodes as well as some VPS user data. Currently we are working to restore access as quickly as possible and are aiming to have everyone up within 48 hours. Please do bear with us at this difficult time
Rus Foster
和 :
Dear customers,
We are pleased to announce that BlueSquare who are our primary collocation provider within the UK have offered to help us out in this
difficult time. They have kindly offered to to provide both man power and hardware assistance to allow users to get back online ASAP and also to help migrate to a new stronger, more secure, non LXLabs/HyperVM environment within the next few weeks. Whilst we understand that customers will be looking for another provider, and we
can not blame them, we would like to give you this opportunity to see what a leading collocation provider + our large real world VPS experience can deliver to all customers.
On another note if customers would like to be setup on the new servers and have their own backups please tell us and we can get you set up!
Best regards,
VAServ LTD Team
目前確定的是 確實被hacked了,目前初步的瞭解 似乎是 VPS server的管理介面軟體lxadmin 有漏洞
報導 lxadmin 開發者 自殺了….
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